Love to Code Chibi Scope Display Accessory

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Model: SPRKC-DEV-14592
Manufacturer: Sparkfun

The Chibi Scope is the perfect companion to your Chibi Chip Microcontroller Board. This display accessory for the Love to Code Chibitronics line is a small board equipped with an OLED screen that has been designed to help you understand what?s going on inside your Chibi Chip. It packs three essential functions ? text, volts, and wave ? into one compact package. The Chibi Scope connects to your Chibi Chip using the three included alligator clips; wire up +5V, GND, and TXT, and you?re ready to go.

Use the default ?text? mode to help debug programs, display sensor values, and create text-based interactions. With the press of a button, the Chibi Scope goes into ?volts? mode, showing the current input voltage on the screen. Press the button again, and the Chibi Scope goes into ?wave? mode, displaying the shape of the voltage on its input pin over time, similar to an oscilloscope.

Since the Chibi Scope will display any serial text at 9600 baud (9600-N-8-1 for the technically inclined), it works with a wide range of other systems, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi development boards. So even if you already Love to Code, a Chibi Scope might still be a handy gadget to have around in your lab or office!


1x Chibi Scope Display Accessory 3x Alligator Clip Cable



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