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Makey Makey Classic Original Kit
49.50€ 46.45€
Makes STEM Education fun! Start out easy with a banana piano. First setup takes seconds. Then make game controllers, musical instruments, ...
Arduino UNO Rev3 Original with ATMega328
26.94€ 22.75€
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a user friendly development environment that ...
0.30€ 0.15€
Colors Red, Green, Blue Brightness 4000/2000/6000 mcd (Red, Green, Blue) Wavelength 630/525/475 nm (Red, Green, Blue) Forward ...
Keyboard 4x4
1.71€ 0.86€
Arduino Starter Kit Spanish Edition
99.95€ 88.90€
Oficial Arduino Kit with 15 projects of different complexity. 1 Arduino Projects Book Spanish Edition (170 pages) 1 Arduino ...
Jack Adapter 5.5x2.1mm to 2.5mm
0.77€ 0.39€
Aluminium Heat Sink 11x11x5.5mm
0.09€ 0.05€
Thermal adhesive tape not ...
Quick Disconnects - Female 1/4" (Pack of 5)
1.33€ 0.67€
Sometimes referred to as "spade connectors," these quick disconnects are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects ...
2mm 10pin XBee Socket
1.61€ 0.81€
Description: This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio ...
Adjustable DC-DC Converter 1.5-35V LM2596S
2.45€ 1.23€
This DC-DC module uses the step-down switching regulator LM2596S to provide a stable power supply. The output voltage is adjustable and can ...
LilyPad Slide Switch
2.49€ 1.25€
Description: This is a simple slide switch for the LilyPad. Use it as a simple ON/OFF switch, ...
Red Laser Emitter Line
2.35€ 1.18€
Diameter: 9mm Max power: 50 mW Life: >1000 hours Wavelength: 650nm Current and Voltage: ...
Red Laser Emitter Dot
2.35€ 1.18€
Diameter: 9mm Max power: 50 mW Life: >1000 hours Wavelength: 650nm Current and Voltage: 20mA@3V Dot diameter: 10 - 15 ...
Tilt Switch
0.29€ 0.15€
This is dual ball type tilt sensitive switch. Detects when the tilt angle is more than 10 degrees. Length ...
Sensor Shield V5.0 For Arduino
5.32€ 2.66€
For Arduino beginners, not for the cumbersome and complex circuits to connect a headache, this sensor expansion board truly simplify the ...
Stepper Motor Driver ULN2003
1.81€ 0.91€
The ULN2003 Darlington Array is used to drive 4-phase 5-wire stepper motors ...
ProtoBoard 50x70 mm Double Sided
1.10€ 0.55€
Seeeduino Compatible Arduino UNO Rev3
9.75€ 4.88€
Seeeduino V4.2 is an Arduino-compatible board, which is based on ATmga328P MCU. There're so many Arduinos and Arduino-compatible boards in ...
433Mhz RF link kit
3.41€ 1.71€
The kit is consisted of transmitter and receiver, popular used for remote control. Basic spec: Frequency: ...
ProtoBoard 30x70 mm Double Sided
0.85€ 0.43€
Gear and Pulley Kit for Robotics
4.60€ 2.30€
Features: - 60 pieces - Motor gear x 8 - Spindle gear x 10 - Double gear x 12 - Pulleys x 7 - Crown Gears x 9 - ...
7.50€ 3.75€
The LilyTiny is a tiny little LilyPad board designed to add flashy functionality to your project without taking up a lot of room. Even ...
Qwiic Cable 100mm
2.15€ 1.08€
This is a 100mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It?s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components together but can be ...
Wheel 42x19mm Pair Pololu
11.09€ 5.55€
To use with PL-MMG series Mini Metal Gearmotors Shaft diameter: 3 mm (D ...
ProtoBoard 58x79 mm Double Sided
3.65€ 1.83€
Arduino Shield Proto
4.00€ 2.00€
This Arduino Shield is designed to have the maximum prototyping area in Arduino form ...
USB to TTL Programmer with DTR
8.45€ 4.23€
Voltage: 5V or 3.3V Chip: FT232RL Connector: Mini USB (Cable not included) Allows to program the Arduino Mini and Arduino Pro ...
Grove Real Time Clock RTC DS1307
10.86€ 5.27€
The RTC module is a member of Twig. It is based on the clock chip DS1307 which supports the I2C protocol. It uses a Lithium cell battery ...
Voltage Regulator 3.3V
2.94€ 1.47€
8-pin PIC prototyping PCB
7.42€ 3.71€
This printed circuit board is designed for building your own circuits based on Microchip Technology’s line of 8-pin PIC microcontrollers. ...
ProtoBoard 58x79 mm Single Sided
2.45€ 1.23€
Grove 4 Digit Display
9.29€ 4.50€
In this Grove gadget, we utilize a TM1637 to scale down the controlling pins into 2 Grove pins. It only takes 2 digital pins of Arduino to ...
NeoPixel Ring  24-WS2812 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers
27.37€ 13.69€
Round and round and round they go! 24 ultra bright smart LED NeoPixels are arranged in a circle with 2.6" (66mm) outer diameter. The ...
LCD Display 7" 800x480 HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL
47.75€ 23.88€
Its HDMI interface is fully compatible with Raspberry PI Required power supply: 12V 1A Jack 5.5x2.1mm center-positive (not ...
Thermocouple Wire TP01 Type K
2.00€ 1.00€
Length: 1m Measuring Range: -50 to +400 Response time: ...
SparkFun Snappable Protoboard
10.22€ 5.11€
Sometimes it’s nice to have a protoboard that’s super long and skinny, super small, or just a bunch of holes. The SparkFun Snappable ...

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