Glideforce LACT2P-12V-05 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedbac

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Model: POLC-2317
Manufacturer: Pololu
This 12 V light-duty (LD) linear actuator with a 5:1 gear reduction can lift loads up to 15 kgf [34 lbs or 150 N] and can withstand static loads up to 250 kgf [550 lbs or 2500 N]. It has a maximum speed of 43.9 mm/s [1.73"/s] at no load and 36.5 mm/s [1.44"/s] at the maximum load. Limit switches at each end make the actuator easy to control over its full range of motion. The shaft holds its position when unpowered. This version has a 2-inch stroke (1.97" usable) and a feedback potentiometer that lets you determine where the actuator is in its stroke.
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