PCB Relay 1 contact 16 Amp Coil 220VAC Finder

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Model: RL157
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Dimensions mm: 29x12.4x25mm.
Contacts: 1
Rated current A: 16
Nominal voltage / Max voltage V: 250/400
Rated load AC1 VA: 4000
Standard contact material: AgCdO
Rated power AC/DC/DC sens.VA (50 Hz)/W/W: 1.2/0.65/0.5
Insulation between coil and contacts kV (1.2/50 s): 6 (8 mm)
Dielectric strength open contacts V AC: 1000
Mechanical life AC/DC cycles: 1010e6
Electrical life at rated load at AC1 cycles: 10010e3
Ambient temperature range C: 40...(+70) +85
Weight g: 18

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