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Robot Edison V2.0
The Edison Robot works with LEGO bricks. Edison have a graphical robot programming software that uses drag and drop icons. Also is programmable with Python.
Arduino Starter Kit Electan
It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect their computer to an Arduino and includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects.
Arduino UNO Rev. 3 Official Board Included.
Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Shields Arduino, Ethernet, XBee, GSM, GPRS, Sparkfun, Pololu
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The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. Each Teensy 3.2 comes pre-flashe
This kit is designed to be used with your Arduino. It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect their computer to an Ardui
Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 6.5 cm Motors: 3-6V DC Wheel Diameter 65mm. Arduino Boa
34.50 27.75
The new Arduino Mega is using an ATMEGA2560 processor. 256KB of Flash 8KB RAM 4KB EEPROM It has 53 IO (including 4
These steppers are a great way to get things moving, especially when positioning and repeatability is a concern. Fea
68.75 65.95
- Easy to assemble within 15 mins. - Electronics are based on Arduino open source platform. - Programming tools: mBlock (a drag-an
22.45 17.95
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a user friendly development environment that implement
The A4988 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for Allegros easy-to-use A4988 microstepping bipolar stepper motor driver.
Kit Includes: 1-Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 1GB New Model 2018 1GB. Processor ARM11 Cortex-A53 64-bit Quad Core
82.60 65.08
Oficial Arduino Kit with 15 projects of different complexity. 1 Arduino Projects Book Spanish Edition (170 pages) 1 Arduino

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