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Blink any color you need! Use the LilyPad RGB LED board as a simple indicator, or by pulsing the red, green, and blue channels, you can ...
Teensy 4.0
Teensy 4.0
Teensy 4.0 is the latest Teensy, offering the fastest microcontroller and powerful peripherals in the Teensy 1.4 by 0.7 inch form ...
Servo Expansion Board for Onion Omega
The Servo Expansion Board adds 16 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) outputs to your Omega. With this expansion, you will be able to get ...
SparkFun WiFi IR Blaster (ESP8266)
Do you want to control your TV via a web-browser? Want to ask Alexa to mute your stereo? Want to schedule triggers to your IR-controlled ...
SMD Tweezers - 45ฐ Angle
SMD Tweezers - 45ฐ Angle
These unique tweezers have been specially designed to be used with vertical applications of SMD ICs. The tips of these tweezers have ...
SMD LED - RGB APA102C-5050 (Pack of 10)
This version of the APA102C (or ?DotStar?) is the regular, 5050-sized (5mmx5mm) SMD LED. With an integrated control circuit embedded, ...
NovelKeys Big Switch - Tactile
Assembling your own custom keyboard is quickly becoming a fun hobby among computer enthusiasts, but what if you could build a ...
Solenoid - 12V (Latch / Lock)
Does controlling door and cabinet access with the power of Electromagnetism interest you? Excellent! In effect, this latch / lock ...
Skinny LED RGB Strip - Addressable, 1m, 144LEDs (SK6812)
These are skinny addressable 1-meter-long 5V RGB LED strips that come packed with a whopping 144 SK6812s. SK6812 LEDs are very similar ...
Resistor 1M Ohm 1/4 Watt PTH - 20 pack (Thick Leads)
These are your run-of-the-mill 1/4 Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and other prototyping ...
Particle Argon IoT Development Kit
The Particle Argon is an IoT development kit that allows you to connect your mesh network to Wi-Fi. With the Nordic nRF52840 SoC and an ...
SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals)
The SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor is a simple breakout for measuring the moisture in soil and similar materials. The soil moisture ...
Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer
This is a thermal printer like you would find on a cash register or adding machine. It will print simple strings passed to it via TTL ...
Reversible USB A to C Cable - 2m
USB-C is fantastic. What makes this cable even better is that one of the features we love so much about USB-C has been replicated to the ...
Mean Well Switching Power Supply - 5VDC, 20A
This is a 100W single output switching power supply from Mean Well. This power supply is extremely reliable and able to output 5VDC at ...
JST-PH Female to JST-SM Male Adapter
This simple adapter wire terminates on one end with a JST-PH Female connector, and a JST-SM Male connector on the other. It can be used ...
Pressure Sensor (Qwiic) - MS5637
MEMs based barometric pressure sensors are quite common these days. The Qwiic Pressure Sensor with the MS5637 shines by being the most ...
SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini Starter Kit - 3.3V/8MHz
What's blue, thin, and comes with everything you need to get started? The Pro Mini 3.3V Starter Kit! The Pro Mini is SparkFun's minimal ...
Qwiic Ideation Kit
Qwiic Ideation Kit
The Qwiic Ideation Kit is the smorgasbord of our best and most popular Qwiic boards. This kit allows users to get started with Arduino ...
BlackBoard Artemis Nano
BlackBoard Artemis Nano
We like to joke the Artemis Nano is a party on the front and business on the back. And that's by design! All the important LEDs, ...
The MOTORplate from Pi-Plates brings a suite of professional motion control features to your Raspberry Pi. These plates can each control ...
Bendable EL Wire - Purple 3m
Do you love EL wire but wish it was more bendable? Well look no further! This EL Wire contains a special bendable wire core that allows ...
SparkFun Little Soundie Audio Player
The SparkFun Little Soundie is a fun and easy-to-use audio playback device breaking out the VS1000D audio codec IC allowing this little ...
SparkX Pi-Filter
SparkX Pi-Filter
It?s 2pm on a Tuesday and you find yourself at the test house with a design failing an emissions test. You quickly determine that you ...
Mini Dock for Onion Omega
Mini Dock for Onion Omega
The Mini Dock is designed to power your Omega for applications that do not require GPIO pins. Its small form factor makes it suitable to ...
SparkFun USB-C Breakout
SparkFun USB-C Breakout
With this USB breakout you will finally be able to incorporate a USB-C connector into your projects without needing to solder each tiny ...
Qwiic Switch
Qwiic Switch
Microswitches are an easy way to determine if your robot has hit a wall or if your gantry has reached an endstop, but why would you want ...
Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Female)
These Clincher connectors from Amphenol FCI can be used to terminate Flat Flexible Cables (FFCs) to an easy-to-use standard header. ...
Arduino Engineering Kit
Arduino Engineering Kit
Engineering just got cool with the Arduino Engineering Kit! Bring the power of the Arduino MKR1000 to the classroom with MATLAB and ...
SparkFun Tinker Kit
SparkFun Tinker Kit
The SparkFun Tinker Kit (STK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming ...
Rotary Encoder - Illuminated (RGB)
Rotary encoders can be used similarly to potentiometers. The difference being that an encoder has full rotation without limits (It just ...
Hall-Effect Sensor - AH1815 (Non-Latching)
The AH1815 is an integrated Hall-Effect non-latched sensor. That?s nice but what does it do? Holding a magnet near the sensor will cause ...
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino Uno - v4.0
The SparkFun Inventor's Kit (SIK) for Arduino Uno is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the ...
Capacitor 4.7uF - SMD (Strip of 10)
This is 10 pack of tiny 4.7ตF SMD decoupling capacitors. Each of these capacitors offers a DC voltage rating of 16V and a capacitance ...
Sewable LED Ribbon - 1m, 50 LEDs (Red)
Sewable LED Ribbon is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to incorporate simple illumination and color effects into your next ...
SparkX Humidity Sensor Breakout SHTC3 (Qwiic)
Sensirion's SHTC3 digital humidity sensor builds on the success of their SHTC1 sensor. The SHTC3 has a broader supply voltage range ...
SparkFun Flexible Grayscale OLED Breakout - 1.81"
It's typically better to have a flexible mind and outlook on life, so the same should go for OLED displays! The SparkFun Flexible ...
SparkFun GPS Breakout - XA1110 (Qwiic)
The SparkFun XA1110 GPS Breakout is a small I2C-supported module built for easy hookup, thanks to our Qwiic Connect System. ...
SparkFun Qwiic Starter Kit for Onion Omega
When the minds at SparkFun and Onion get together we can make something truly awesome! The SparkFun Qwiic Starter Kit for Onion Omega is ...
RFID Tag (125kHz)
RFID Tag (125kHz)
You might know RFID as the technology that Big Brother uses to track your every move. Quickly, don the
ChickTech Soft Circuits Kit
ChickTech Soft Circuits Kit
ChickTech's Soft Circuits Kit is a fun combination of electronics, software, and art! Using the materials in the kit, you'll learn the ...
FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Kit
Do you see what we see? With the FLIR Radiometric Leptonฎ Dev Kit you will be able to bring FLIR's thermal imaging reliability and power ...
SparkFun gator:particle - micro:bit Accessory Board
The SparkFun gator:particle micro:bit Accessory Board incorporates the powerful MAX30102 sensor, enabling sensing of pulse oximetry ...
EeonTex Conductive Fabric
EeonTex Conductive Fabric
This EeonTex fabric is a conductive, nonwoven microfiber for use in e-textiles as well as electromagnetic and resistive heating ...
SparkFun Qwiic Flex Glove Controller
Flex sensors are great for telling how bent something is in a project, but we?ve been running into issues with durability when using ...
DC/DC Converter - 5V 5W (R-78E)
This R-78E DC/DC Converter is a switching regulator module that has been designed to offer all the advantages of a switching regulator ...
Relay SPDT Sealed - 10A (G5LE)
These are high quality, general purpose, Single Pole - Double Throw (SPDT) sealed relays. Use them to switch high voltage, and/or high ...
MicroPython pyboard v1.1 (with Headers)
The pyboard is a compact and powerful electronics development board that runs MicroPython. It connects to your PC over USB, giving you a ...
SparkFun Qwiic Cable Kit
SparkFun Qwiic Cable Kit
The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is constantly growing in popularity with makers. So to make it even easier to get started, we've ...
SparkFun Lightning Detector - AS3935
The SparkFun Lightning Detector adds lightning detection to your next weather station to make sure you are aware of any potential ...
Audio Cable TRRS - 1ft
Audio Cable TRRS - 1ft
This is a foot-long white audio cable that has been terminated with two TRRS connectors at each end. TRRS connectors are the 3.5mm ...
Air Quality Sensor (Qwiic) - SGP30
The SGP30 is an indoor air quality sensor equipped with an I2C interface. It outputs equivalent CO2 in ppm and Tota
Walabot Developer
Walabot Developer
The Walabot Developer is a programmable 3D sensor inside a protective enclosure that looks into objects using radio frequency ...
Raspberry Pi PoE HAT
Raspberry Pi PoE HAT
The Raspberry Pi PoE (Power over Ethernet) HAT is a small accessory board for the Raspberry Pi computer. The PoE HAT allows you to power ...
Load Cell - 200kg, S-Type (TAS501)
This S-Type load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 200kg of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. Each ...
Sunflower Shield - 3.5" TFT w/ Cap Touch
The Sunflower shield from Cowfish Studios enables your Arduino to run extremely responsive g
EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino
Do you make time to talk to your Arduino? Maybe you should! The EasyVR 3 Plus Shield is a voice recognition shield for Arduino boards ...
SparkFun Air Quality Breakout - CCS811
The CCS811 Air Quality Breakout is a digital gas sensor solution that senses a wide range of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), ...
PowerFilm Solar Panel - 10.5mA@7.2V (10 Pack)
Did you know you have a practically unlimited source of energy, half a day, fully available to power your project? This 10 pack of ...
SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board
The SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board is a miniature Arduino in the compact form factor of the Pro Mini. In addition to all the usual ...
LED RGB Strip - Addressable, Sealed, 1m (APA104)
Gone are the days that you have to worry about silicone weather proofing splitting and breaking on you! These are sealed addressable 1 ...
MI:pro Protector Case for micro:bit
The MI:pro Protector is a simple and compact protective case for the micro:bit. These cases feature a four-layer construction style with ...
SparkFun Lumenati 8-pack
SparkFun Lumenati 8-pack
The SparkFun Lumenati 8-pack is a coin-sized board equipped with seven APA102C LEDs surrounding the outer edge of the board, with one in ...
Stomp Switch
Stomp Switch
These are the sturdy little stomp switches that you find on guitar effects pedals. They?re 3PDT (three-pole, double-throw) type ...
Mountable Slide Switch
Mountable Slide Switch
This is a mountable SPDT slide switch --- great for use as a general control switch. The pins are spaced by 3.7mm (0.14"), making ...
SPI Buffer Saver
SPI Buffer Saver
The SPI Buffer Saver is a hardware solution to an interesting problem. In short the standard Arduino SPI library includes a method to ...
LED - Yellow with Resistor 5mm (25 pack)
You don't have to worry about adding a resistor to an LED if you get an LED with a built in resistor! This pack of 25 yellow 5mm LEDs ...
J-Link BASE Compact Programmer
The J-Link line of JTAG programmers from Segger is well known for their top of the line debuggers. The J-Link BASE is a USB powered JTAG ...
Bus Pirate - v3.6a
Bus Pirate - v3.6a
The Bus Pirate v3.6a, created by Ian Lesnet, is a troubleshooting tool that communicates be
Qwiic Pressure Sensor - LPS25HB
The LPS25HB is an absolute pressure sensor which means that it has an internal vacuum as a reference. (As opposed to differential
SparkFun mbed Starter Kit
SparkFun mbed Starter Kit
The SparkFun mbed Starter Kit (mSK) is a great way to get into user-created projects created by ARM to assist with rapid prototyping on ...
SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog
SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog
The SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog is the smarter and better looking cousin to the extremely popular OpenLog but now we've ported the original ...
NFC LED Nail Sticker - Pink (5 Pack)
Let your geek shine with this five pack of pink NFC LED nail stickers. These nifty little things power themselves when in a capable ...
Love to Code Chibi Scope Display Accessory
The Chibi Scope is the perfect companion to your Chibi Chip Microcontroller Board.
Thin Speaker - 0.5W
Thin Speaker - 0.5W
If you want to get some sound out of your project but have a tight space budget, this is a good way to do it. This 0.5W, 8Ohm speaker is ...
SparkFun Qwiic Scale - NAU7802
The SparkFun Qwiic Scale is a small breakout board for the NAU7802 that allows you to easily read load cells to accurately measure the ...
Soldering Tip - Weller - Single Flat (ETCC)
This is an ET Series replacement soldering tip for the Weller WE1010 soldering stat
Fairy Lights - Cool White (2.5m)
Affectionately dubbed "Fairy Lights" for their similar appearance, these LED string lights are a great way to light up any project with ...
SparkFun gator:bit v2.0 - micro:bit Carrier Board
The SparkFun gator:bit v2.0 is an all-in-one ?carrier? board for your micro:bit that provides you with a fully functional development ...
Mini HDMI Cable - 3ft
Mini HDMI Cable - 3ft
This is an inexpensive 3-foot-long HDMI to Mini HDMI cable that you can use to hook up your Raspberry Pi Zero W to a suitable monitor or ...
Stepper Motor - 43.2 (304mm Wire)
The 5017-013 stepper motor with single shaft is a two-phase hybrid step motor with a NEMA 17 frame size. Features:
Reversible USB A to Reversible Micro-B Cable - 0.8m
These are your standard issue USB 2.0 type A to micro USB 5-pin... but wait, what's this? These cables have minor, yet genius ...
SparkFun THAT 1646 OutSmarts Breakout
The THAT 1646 OutSmarts Breakout Board offers an easy solution to adding a balanced audio output to your circuits. The THAT OutSmarts ...
SuzyQable - ChromeOS Debug Cable
The SuzyQable allows developers, hobbyists, and others to quickly access debugging, recovery, and developer features exposed through ...
uArm Swift Pro
uArm Swift Pro
The uArm Swift Pro is a high grade desktop robotic assistant that can be utilized in many more applications than its predecessors. Built ...
Bend Labs Digital Flex Sensor - 1-Axis, 4 Inch
The Bend Labs Digital Flex Sensors are an innovative solution for measuring motion, providing a unique alternative to existing sensor ...
Atto84 with Arduino Bootloader
Arduino and Arduino compatible dev boards are an awesome tool for developing an idea quickly but, being development boards, they're ...
SparkFun LiPo Charger/Booster - 5V/1A
The SparkFun 5V/1A LiPo Charger/Booster is a no-nonsense circuit for generating one amp from a Lithium Polymer battery at 5V. This LiPo ...
SparkFun Qwiic Twist - RGB Rotary Encoder Breakout
The SparkFun Qwiic Twist is a digital RGB rotary encoder breakout that is also able to connect to our Qwiic Connect System. The Twist ...
Solder-Mate Solder Dispenser
The Solder-Mate? Solder Dispenser provides you with an easy way to, well...dispense solder! This handy tool provides a continuous supply ...
OLED Expansion Board for Onion Omega
The OLED Expansion Board adds a low-power 0.96? monochrome display to your Omega. With a resolution of 128ื64, you can use it to display ...
Cable - 5 Pin 1mm Pitch - 200mm
This is a 5 wire cable with a SHR style (1mm pitch) connector on each end. These are very similar to our Qwiic connectors and cables but ...
SparkFun LoRa Gateway - 1-Channel (ESP32)
The SparkFun 1-Channel LoRa Gateway is a powerful 3-network capable device thanks to an onboard ESP32 WROOM module and an RFM95W LoRa ...
Hex Key - Plas-T-Key T Handle (Straight End, 7/64")
This is a T-Handle 7/64" Hex Key from Allen. The Plas-T-Key is Allen's standard handle and features a plastic grip, which provides ...
SparkFun IR Array Breakout - 55 Degree FOV, MLX90640 (Qwiic)
It's time to say hip hip array for this IR Breakout! The MLX90640 SparkFun IR Array Breakout is equipped with a 32x24 array of ...
LED Strip Pigtail Connector (3-pin)
These 3-pin JST-SM pigtail connectors mate perfectly with LED strips and other applications that require only two lines and an option ...
SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter
The SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter is a handy power accessory board that allows you to fine tune the amount of power your project ...
SparkFun Distance Sensor Breakout - 4 Meter, VL53L1X (Qwiic)
This SparkFun Distance Sensor Breakout utilizes the VL53L1X next generation ToF (Time of Flight) sensor module to give you the highly ...
Resistor 10K Ohm 1/4 Watt PTH - 20 pack (Thick Leads)
These are your run-of-the-mill 1/4 Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors. Commonly used in breadboards and other prototyping ...
Particle Argon IoT Development Board
The Particle Argon is an IoT development board that allows you to connect your mesh network to Wi-Fi. With the Nordic nRF52840 SoC and ...
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