SmartiPi Touch Back Cover (Large)

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Model: SPRKC-COM-14572
Manufacturer: Sparkfun

Here is a large cover to protect all of the HATs that you want to go onto the Raspberry Pi that you have attached to your SmartiPi Touch. This easy-to-install back cover screws into the back VESA mounts on the SmartiPi Touch with the four included screws. The cover allows you to protect HAT boards and other electronic components that you might want for your project. Each is made out of ABS plastic and can be easily cut, drilled or otherwise modified for any application or use. Additionally, the cover helps protect the ethernet and USB ports on the Pi B+, 2 and 3.

The large SmartiPi Touch Back Cover is 37mm deep and allows for an additional 114mm of space not reserved for your HATs.

Note: The SmartiPi Touch Back Cover does NOT include a SmartiPi Touch, LCD, camera, Raspberry Pi or any other electronics. This product only contains the cover and mounting screws.

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