NovelKeys Big Switch - Tactile

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Model: SPRKC-COM-14583
Manufacturer: Sparkfun

Assembling your own custom keyboard is quickly becoming a fun hobby among computer enthusiasts, but what if you could build a 6-foot-long one? This tactile Big Switch from NovelKeys looks like a normal mechanical Cherry MX switch, but the major difference is that it is four times the size! Each of these switches is 100 percent fully functional and can be used to build your very own giant keyboard or numeric 10-key pad, an emergency eject button for your favorite space flight simulator, or a giant "nope-outta-there" button for times when you see a scary picture on the internet and need to backpedal as quickly as possible. Really, whatever you can do with a regular-sized keyboard switch can be done with a NovelKey!

When we first found these switches, we didn't care about the practical applications; they just looked fun. Since then we've thought up a ton of cool projects and wanted to share the Big Switch with you so you can come up with your own!


  • 1x NovelKeys Big Switch (Tactile Type)
  • 1x Burnt Orange Keycap


  • Tactile Mechanical Switch
  • Burnt Orange Trigger



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