Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Model: SPRK-TOL-10830
Manufacturer: Sparkfun
This non-contact infrared thermometer makes it a breeze to take quick and accurate surface temperature readings without getting too close for comfort. Laser sighting ensures that you're pointing at the right spot: Simply pull the trigger and line up the laser dot where you want to measure the temperature. The temp gun also has adjustable emissivity compensation for measuring the surface temp of more or less radiant objects.

-Single-Spot Laser Sighting
-Adjustable Emissivity Compensation Between 0.1-1.00
-High Alarm and Low Alarm for Max Temperature
-Backlit Display is Easy to Read in Low Light
-Display Selectable Between °C and °F
-Low Battery Indicator
-Supply: 9V Battery (included)
-Measuring Temp Range" -32°C - 350°C
-Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
-Accuracy: ±2. 0 °C or ± 2%
-Response Time: 0.5 Sec
-Field of View: 12:1

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