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Tamiya 72003 High-Power Gearbox Kit
With possible gear ratios of 41.7:1 and 64.8:1, the high-power gearbox is well-suited for most vehicles that require a balance of speed and ...
Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit
Tamiya’s twin-motor gearbox consists of two independent brushed DC motors and gearboxes in one compact housing, making it perfect for small ...
Tamiya 72004 Worm Gearbox Kit
The primary feature of this high-efficiency gear box is a worm gear, which locks the output shaft whenever the motor is not turning. The ...
Tamiya 70103 Universal Gearbox Kit
Unlike the other gearboxes in Tamiya’s series, the universal gearbox has a thin metal frame, making it the smallest Tamiya gearbox. The ...
Tamiya 70188 Mini Motor Gearbox (8-Speed) Kit
Tamiya’s 8-speed mini motor gearbox features a more compact 030-form-factor brushed DC motor driving a single gear train that can be ...
Tamiya 70110 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit
This gearbox has four possible gear ratios, including the highest gear ratio of Tamiya’s gearbox series, 5402:1. The other options are ...
Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)
This gearbox features a low-current brushed DC motor, which is great for projects where you want to keep your power consumption to a ...
Tamiya 72002 High-Speed Gearbox Kit
The high-speed gearbox can be assembled in 11.6:1 and 18:1 gear ratios. This high-efficiency gearbox is therefore suited for very fast ...
Tamiya 70093 3-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit
Tamiya’s 3-speed crank-axle gearbox looks very much like half of the twin-motor gearbox (with an added gear ratio option). This compact ...
Tamiya 72005 6-Speed Gearbox Kit
This versatile, high-efficiency gearbox lets you build one of the following gear ratios: 11.6:1, 29.8:1, 76.5:1, 196.7:1, 505.9:1, and ...
Tamiya 72001 Planetary Gearbox Kit
The first in Tamiya’s “high efficiency” series, the planetary gearbox features two 4:1 and two 5:1 stages that can be combined in any way ...
Tamiya 70190 Mini Motor Multi-Ratio Gearbox (12-Speed) Kit
Tamiya’s 12-speed multi-ratio mini motor gearbox features a more compact 030-form-factor brushed DC motor driving a single gear train that ...
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