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Keyboard 4x4
Keyboard 4x4
1.71€ 0.86€
Jack Adapter 5.5x2.1mm to 2.5mm
0.77€ 0.39€
Aluminium Heat Sink 11x11x5.5mm
0.09€ 0.05€
Thermal adhesive tape not included
Quick Disconnects - Female 1/4" (Pack of 5)
1.33€ 0.67€
Sometimes referred to as "spade connectors," these quick disconnects are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects ...
2mm 10pin XBee Socket
2mm 10pin XBee Socket
1.61€ 0.81€
Description: This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio from
Led RGB 5mm Common Cathode
0.30€ 0.15€
Colors Red, Green, Blue Brightness 4000/2000/6000 mcd (Red, Green, Blue) Wavelength 630/525/475 nm (Red, Green, Blue) Forward ...
Adjustable DC-DC Converter 1.5-35V LM2596S
2.45€ 1.23€
This DC-DC module uses the step-down switching regulator LM2596S to provide a stable power supply. The output voltage is adjustable and can ...
Tilt Switch
Tilt Switch
0.29€ 0.15€
This is dual ball type tilt sensitive switch. Detects when the tilt angle is more than 10 degrees. Length 12mm.
LilyPad Slide Switch
LilyPad Slide Switch
2.49€ 1.25€
Description: This is a simple slide switch for the LilyPad. Use it as a simple ON/OFF switch,
Red Laser Emitter Dot
2.35€ 1.18€
Diameter: 9mm Max power: 50 mW Life: >1000 hours Wavelength: 650nm Current and Voltage: 20mA@3V Dot diameter: 10 - 15 mm
Red Laser Emitter Line
2.35€ 1.18€
Diameter: 9mm Max power: 50 mW Life: >1000 hours Wavelength: 650nm Current and Voltage: 20mA@3V
ProtoBoard 50x70 mm Double Sided
1.10€ 0.55€
Sensor Shield V5.0 For Arduino
5.32€ 2.66€
For Arduino beginners, not for the cumbersome and complex circuits to connect a headache, this sensor expansion board truly simplify the ...
Stepper Motor Driver ULN2003
1.81€ 0.91€
The ULN2003 Darlington Array is used to drive 4-phase 5-wire stepper motors (5-12v)
Gear and Pulley Kit for Robotics
4.60€ 2.30€
Features: - 60 pieces - Motor gear x 8 - Spindle gear x 10 - Double gear x 12 - Pulleys x 7 - Crown Gears x 9 - Blu
Qwiic Cable 100mm
Qwiic Cable 100mm
2.15€ 1.08€
This is a 100mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It?s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components together but can be ...
433Mhz RF link kit
433Mhz RF link kit
3.41€ 1.71€
The kit is consisted of transmitter and receiver, popular used for remote control. Basic spec: Frequency: 433Mhz. Modu
7.50€ 3.75€
The LilyTiny is a tiny little LilyPad board designed to add flashy functionality to your project without taking up a lot of room. Even ...
ProtoBoard 30x70 mm Double Sided
0.85€ 0.43€
Wheel 42x19mm Pair Pololu
11.09€ 5.55€
To use with PL-MMG series Mini Metal Gearmotors Shaft diameter: 3 mm (D shape)
Arduino Shield Proto
4.00€ 2.00€
This Arduino Shield is designed to have the maximum prototyping area in Arduino form factor.
Gas Sensor MQ5
Gas Sensor MQ5
3.62€ 1.81€
Working voltage: 5V Working Current: 150mA Output: TTL and analog Preheat time: Over 20s
USB to TTL Programmer with DTR
8.45€ 4.23€
Voltage: 5V or 3.3V Chip: FT232RL Connector: Mini USB (Cable not included) Allows to program the Arduino Mini and Arduino Pro ...
ProtoBoard 58x79 mm Double Sided
3.65€ 1.83€
Thermocouple Wire TP01 Type K
2.00€ 1.00€
Length: 1m Measuring Range: -50 to +400 Response time: 5s
SparkFun Snappable Protoboard
10.22€ 5.11€
Sometimes it’s nice to have a protoboard that’s super long and skinny, super small, or just a bunch of holes. The SparkFun Snappable ...
100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HPCB 6V with Extended Motor Shaft
26.42€ 13.21€
This gearmotor is a miniature high-power, 6 V brushed DC motor with long-life carbon brushes and a 100.37:1 metal gearbox. It has a cross ...
Conductive Hook & Loop Tape - 3" long
11.22€ 5.61€
Conductive hook & loop tape is just like the stuff you've seen on jackets, clothes, shoes, and bags, but is coated with silver to make ...
Grove Real Time Clock RTC DS1307
10.86€ 5.27€
The RTC module is a member of Twig. It is based on the clock chip DS1307 which supports the I2C protocol. It uses a Lithium cell battery ...
Sewable Snaps - 5mm Diameter - Card of 24
6.96€ 3.48€
The small 5mm size of these tin-plated brass snaps means they fit perfectly on Flora's pads! Snaps make a great connector for ...
Grove 4 Digit Display
Grove 4 Digit Display
9.29€ 4.50€
In this Grove gadget, we utilize a TM1637 to scale down the controlling pins into 2 Grove pins. It only takes 2 digital pins of Arduino to ...
SparkFun Qwiic Button Green LED
6.01€ 3.01€
Buttons are an easy and tactile way to interface with your project, but why would you want to deal with debouncing, polling, and wiring ...
8-pin PIC prototyping PCB
7.42€ 3.71€
This printed circuit board is designed for building your own circuits based on Microchip Technology’s line of 8-pin PIC microcontrollers. ...
LCD Display 7" 800x480 HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL
47.75€ 23.88€
Its HDMI interface is fully compatible with Raspberry PI Required power supply: 12V 1A Jack 5.5x2.1mm center-positive (not ...
Voltage Regulator AC 2000W 220V
2.75€ 1.38€
This high-power electronic voltage regulator can be used to adjust the speed in AC motors, light and other resistive loads. Not suitable ...
Magnet Square - 0.25
Magnet Square - 0.25
1.92€ 0.96€
Description: These are small rare earth magnets - 0.25" cubed. Composed of Neodymium/Iron/Boro
ProtoBoard 58x79 mm Single Sided
2.45€ 1.23€
Voltage Regulator 3.3V
Voltage Regulator 3.3V
2.94€ 1.47€
Switched JST-PH 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Breakout Board
4.40€ 2.20€
This switched JST connector is the best way to quickly prototype with our LiPoly batteries. We paired a genuine JST connector with a ...
PIR Sensor
PIR Sensor
14.55€ 7.25€
The PIR sensor is a pyroelectrical module designed to detect people or animals, based on the temperature difference between the objects and ...
Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 4mm Shaft, M3 Holes (
10.51€ 5.26€
These universal aluminum mounting hubs allow you to mount custom wheels and mechanisms to 4 mm diameter motor shafts. The set includes two ...
131:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx73L mm with 64 CPR Encoder
42.96€ 21.48€
This gearmotor is a powerful 12V brushed DC motor with a 131.25:1 metal gearbox and an integrated quadrature encoder that provides a ...
Tira de leds color blanco 1m 12V
13.90€ 6.95€
AC Current Sensor 100A
AC Current Sensor 100A
16.43€ 5.44€
AC Current transformer split-core. Max 100A.
Pololu Ball Caster with 1" Plastic Ball and Plastic Rollers
6.69€ 2.59€
This ball caster uses a 1" diameter plastic ball and has an overall height of 1.1" (29 mm). The two-part housing snaps together to ...
Pololu Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot Kit (No Motors or Wheels)
Build your very own programmable balancing robot with the Balboa 32U4 robot kit! The Balboa control board features an Arduino-compatible ...
AVR ATtiny85 DIP8 Microcontroller
4.99€ 2.50€
Dip 8 20MHz 8K 6 I/O 4ADC 10 bit
Quick Disconnects - Female 2.8mm (Pack of 5)
1.33€ 0.67€
Sometimes referred to as "spade connectors," these quick disconnects are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects ...
Raspberry Pi Model B+ Enclosure Black
11.01€ 5.51€
The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is THE new favorite of development platforms, so the last thing that you'd want is for something bad ...
Mini Pushbutton Switch
Mini Pushbutton Switch
0.63€ 0.32€
We use these little buttons on everything! These Miniature Single Pole Single Throw switches have a good click to them and are ...
Pololu Stamped Aluminum L-Bracket for NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
6.69€ 2.59€
This black anodized aluminum bracket lets you securely mount typical NEMA 17-size stepper motors to your project. The bracket features ...
Adafruit RFM69HCW Transceiver Radio Breakout - 433 MHz
16.06€ 8.03€
"You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat.  You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles.  ...
Raspberry Pi Model B+ Pi 2 Pi 3 Case Lid Blue
5.28€ 2.64€
Now that we have The Single Greatest Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Case Ever - we decided to make it even better by adding COLORS!
SparkFun Proximity Sensor Breakout - 20cm, VCNL4040 (Qwiic)
8.25€ 4.13€
The SparkFun Proximity Sensor Breakout is a simple IR presence and ambient light sensor utilizing the VCNL4040. This type of sensor is ...
Grove Protoshield
Grove Protoshield
3.00€ 1.43€
This protoshield allows you to add your own circuitry or components to your Grove system prototypes. This allows you access to all four ...
Digital Temperature Sensor - TMP102 Qwiic
7.65€ 3.83€
We all like to know the temperature, right? Well, with the SparkFun TMP102 Digital Temperature Sensor, we've made it just about as easy ...
LiPo Charger Basic Mini USB Sparkfun
11.89€ 5.95€
If you need to charge LiPo batteries, this simple charger will do just that. It is designed to charge single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer ...
Infrared Remote Control
0.82€ 0.41€
Altoids mints sized tin
6.16€ 3.08€
Useful for larger electronic projects, including the YBox2 kit
Breakout Board for XBee Module
4.20€ 2.10€
Description: This is a simple breakout board for the popular XBee product from Digi. This board
Mini HDMI to Standard HDMI Adapter
1.53€ 0.77€
Works with Raspberry Pi Zero
Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Solid Core)
28.39€ 14.20€
Description: An assortment of colored wires: you know it's a beautiful thing. Six different colors of solid core wire
PCB Relay 1 contact 16 Amp Coil 220VAC Finder
10.55€ 5.28€
Dimensions mm: 29x12.4x25mm. Contacts: 1 Rated current A: 16 Nominal voltage / Max voltage V: 250/400 Rated load AC1 VA: ...
XBee 2mW PCB Antenna - Series 2 (ZB)
30.03€ 15.02€
This is the XBee XB24-Z7CIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 improves on the power output and data protocol. Series 2 modules allow you to ...
Flame Sensor
Flame Sensor
1.64€ 0.82€
This Flame Sensor can be used to detect fire source or other light sources of the wave length in the range of 760nm - 1100 nm. It is based ...
Magnetic Pin Back
3.43€ 1.72€
These magnetic pin backs have two pieces: a metal bar with adhesive strip and a plastic piece with two strong rare-earth magnets. Affix ...
Mixed Caterpillars Set for Robotics
14.95€ 6.35€
Mixed caterpillars set. Drive wheels and axis are included
2.4GHz Mini Flexible WiFi Antenna with uFL Connector
4.40€ 2.20€
This 4" / 100mm long flexible uFL 2.4GHz antenna has approx 4DBi gain and a 50Ω impedance so it will work fantastic
Robot Chassis Transparent Light-Blue 127mm
9.40€ 4.70€
This chassis base plate is a round piece with cutouts for building a differential-drive robot ...
Optical Encoder Pair Kit for Micro Metal Gearmotors, 3.3V
13.57€ 6.79€
Add quadrature encoders to your micro metal gearmotors (extended back shaft version required) with this kit consisting of two sensor ...
Tira de leds color amarillo 5m 12V
57.50€ 28.75€
Mini Metal Gearmotor 50:1 high-power
24.73€ 12.37€
Key specs at 6V: 625 RPM and 100 mA free-run, 15 oz-in (1.1 kg-cm) and 1.6 A stall.
Grove Barometer Sensor
Grove Barometer Sensor
14.00€ 16.35€
The module provides precise measurement of barometric pressure and temperature in the environment. The air pressure can be measured in a ...
CNC Shield V3.5 for Arduino
7.25€ 3.63€
GRBL 0.9 compatible 4-Axis support (X, Y, Z , A-Can duplicate X,Y,Z or do a full 4th axis with custom firmware using pins D12 and ...
Electronic brick - Buzzer(A/D)
3.00€ 1.88€
Cable included
Adafruit Pi Protector for Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2
12.11€ 6.06€
You've seen the A+ pocket protector - cometh the hour for the B+ / Pi 2 version. Introducing PaintYourDragon's last-cut masterpiece part ...
DC Barrel Jack Adapter Male
4.20€ 2.10€
This adapter allows you to connect a barrel jack connector to bare wires. One end has screw terminals and the other has a 5.5x2.1mm, ...
Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0
40.59€ 20.30€
The Relay Shield utilizes four high quality relays and provides NO/NC interfaces that control the load of high current. Which means it ...
LilyPad MP3
LilyPad MP3
59.33€ 29.67€
Description: The LilyPad MP3 Player is your all-in-one audio solution, containing an Arduino-compatible microcontrolle
NodeMCU Expansion Board with L293
7.76€ 3.88€
Motor Power Range: 4.5 - 36V Control Supply range: 4.5 - 9V Max current: 1.2A D1, D3 (A motor) D2, D4 (B motor)
Qwiic Cable - Female Jumper (4-pin)
1.89€ 0.95€
This is a jumper adapter cable that comes pre-terminated with a female Qwiic JST connector on one end and female connectors on the ...
Piezo Element
Piezo Element
1.92€ 0.96€
Piezo elements come in handy when you need to detect vibration or a knock. You can use these for tap or knock sensors pretty easily by ...
SparkFun Qwiic SHIM for Raspberry Pi
1.70€ 0.85€
The SparkFun Qwiic SHIM for Raspberry Pi is a small, easily removable breakout that easily adds a Qwiic connector to your Raspberry Pi. ...
Universal 4 pin connector for electronic bricks 10 pcs 90Ί
2.43€ 0.66€
Spacing 2mm.
Temperature Controlled Relay Module
5.12€ 2.56€
This is a temprature controlled relay, you can set the relay on/off when the temperature is higher/lower than the temperature you set.The ...
Sewable CR2032 Battery Holder
3.87€ 1.94€
This battery holder is by far the easiest way to add a battery to a small wearable project. By coincidence, there are two small 1mm ...
16.14€ 11.48€
FUENTE VARIABLE DE 1 A. tipo = VARIABLE tensiσn salida = De 12 a 24 intensidad mαxima de pico = 1 intensidad mαxima = Cons
JST-PH 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Breakout Board
2.64€ 1.32€
A simple 2-pin connector soldered onto a breadboard-friendly breakout. This is compatible with the "JST PH 2-pin" connector. Mates ...
Liquid Level Sensor Horizontal
18.28€ 6.89€
Liquid level sensor manufactured with polypropylene. When the magnetic float reach the adequate level, the sensor will open or close its ...
Pololu Stamped Aluminum L-Bracket Pair for 37D mm Metal Gearmoto
12.33€ 4.70€
These aluminum gearmotor brackets let you mount Pololu’s 37D mm metal gearmotors to your project. The brackets are sold in pairs, and each ...
Romi Chassis Kit - Blue
45.01€ 16.10€
The versatile Romi chassis is a great starting point for your next mobile robot. This kit includes all the basic mechanical parts to get ...
Tira de leds color azul 1m 12V
13.90€ 6.95€
Grove I2C Hub
Grove I2C Hub
4.57€ 2.20€
I2C Hub Grove is an extension Grove module for connecting multiply I2C devices to Grove Base Shield.
LilyPad Pixel Board
LilyPad Pixel Board
7.14€ 3.57€
We know you love adding color to your e-textiles, adding the LilyPad Pixel Board to your project will only make it better. The pixel ...
Tira de leds color rojo 5m 12V
57.50€ 28.75€
Digital temperature sensor DS18B20
4.74€ 2.37€
Because they are digital, you don't get any signal degradation even over long distances. The DS18B20 provides 9 to 12-bit (configurable) ...
Adam Tech Wall Adapter Cable - Three Terminal (EU)
6.01€ 3.01€
These Adam Tech Wall Adapter Cables are terminated with a standard European (CEE 7/7) plug at one end and three insulated spade terminal ...
Mini Metal Gearmotor Bracket
6.69€ 3.35€
To use with Micro Metal Gearmotor series POL-MMG ...
DevDuino Sensor Node V2 (ATmega 328) - AAA battery holder
29.82€ 14.91€
DevDuino Sensor Node V2 is a compact Arduino-compatible microcontroller and is designed to build wireless networks based on transceiver ...
XBee 1mW Wire Antenna Series 1 (802.15.4)
28.60€ 14.30€
This is the very popular 2.4GHz XBee module from Digi. These modules take the 802.15
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