Large 3V Analog Panel Meter

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Model: ADFC-3989
Manufacturer: Adafruit

Analog panel meters are arguably not as blingy or flashy as LEDs, but their simplicity adds a touch of elegance and makes them easier to read quickly.

This Large 3V Panel Meter is about handheld-size, with one screw to open up the panel and replace the backing paper, if you like.

Even though it's designed for analog signals, you can use it with digital signals too! Simply send it a PWM signal from a 3V logic microcontroller. As long as you use 1KHz or faster, you'll be golden.

The back is constructed with two bolts with Positive and Negative marked below the coils. You can wrap a wire around the bolt and use the nuts to keep them in place, or use alligator clips.

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