Large Short Plastic Snap Rivets - 9mm to 13mm - 10 pack

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Model: ADFC-3947
Manufacturer: Adafruit

Enter the world of cardboard construction and build playful robot friends!

Instead of slapping on tape or waiting for your hot glue to warm up, you can use these Large Plastic Rivets! They have a large honkin' 19mm diameter rivet face, for mega surface contact. They're so easy to install. Just poke or cut a 9mm diameter hole in your cardboard, then side one half through the front, one half through the back and snap them together. This will ensure clean, movable joints and attachments. They're strong, and nearly impossible to remove once in place.

Unlike our smaller pop rivet packs (say that five times fast!), these are constructed with a larger, wider head (19mm).

Works best with cardboard, foam or other thick materials, and can fit about 9mm to 13mm thick material. You can crunch the two halves together as much as you like to get a tighter fit. You can connect two pieces together with one rivet and they'll rotate. Two rivets can be used if you want them to stay still.

If you need to connect some thicker material, check out the longer version of these rivets.

Grab some cardboard and get making!

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