HAMlab Diagnostic Accessories Pack

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Model: SPRKC-WRL-15002
Manufacturer: Sparkfun

If you are looking to use your HAMlab as more than a software defined radio (SDR), this kit is where you are going to want to start! This Diagnostic Accessories Pack provides you with all the additional parts needed to unlock the full potential of your HAMlab's measurement instrument features. By incorporating an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, bode analyzer, and logic analyzer (for an additional fee) the HAMlab is an all in one desk top tool that can quickly become a necessity for anyone!

Included in each Diagnostic Accessories Pack are the osciloscope probes, adapters, termination connectors, and other parts you need to transform your HAMlab!


  • 2x Osciloscope Probe
  • 2x SMA to BCN Adapter
  • 2x 50 Ohm Termination
  • 2x SMA T Adapter
  • 1x WiFi Dongle
  • 1x 8 Channel Logic Analyzer Probe
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