EeonTex High-Conductivity Heater Fabric

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Model: ADF-3670
Manufacturer: Adafruit

High-conductive heating fabrics are so hot right now! Literally! This non-woven fabric feels a little like felted paper but is filled with conductive material that can make the fabric emit heat when powered. Resistive heating fabrics safely deliver comfortable conductive and radiant heating at low voltage through thin, lightweight and flexible fabric. Unlike conventional resistive wire heaters, the whole surface of the fabric is conductive, providing more uniform and foolproof heating without the discomfort, weight and hazards of wires. It functions even if punctured, cut, spindled or mutliated!

According to EeonTex, this fabric is a conductive, nonwoven microfiber for use in e-textiles as well as electromagnetic and resistive heating applications. Each order comes with one sheet of 12"x13" inch / 30cm x 33cm fabric with a nominal 0.6mm thickness. This fabric is super versatile and perfect for anyone interested in wearables, cosplay, and e-textiles. Maybe even usable in scientific, crafting, or medical endeavours.

This fabric comes with a resistance of 20 ohms/square inch. We powered it up with some alligator clips and a 12V DC power plug and it heated up pretty fast! It isn't going to compare with your space heater, or boil water, but it does get warm.

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