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Jumper Wire 60pcs Male-Male Pack
Lengths: 250mm 4pcs 200mm 4pcs 165mm 8pcs 110mm 44pcs
Jack Adapter 5.5x2.1mm to 2.5mm
0.77€ 0.39€
PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501
1.88€ 0.94€
This is a highly integrated module popularly used for entry detection, it can simplely and easily to adopt in system. There are two ...
Thumb Joystick Module PS2
This is a joystick very similar to the 'analog' joysticks on PS2 (PlayStation 2) controllers. Directional movements are simply two ...
Breadboard Clear 830 Tie In Points
Dimensions: 165 x 55 x 8.5mm. Self-adhesive on the back
Speed Regulator DC 12-40V 10A
This Pulse Width Modulation Module can be used to adjust the duty of PWM range from 10% to 100%. The max. output current can be up to 10A ...
40 Pin Female-Female Dupont Splittable Jumper Wire 200mm
This is a splittable 40 pin 200mm length jumper wire for 2.54mm
Tiny RTC For Arduino DS1307
5V DC supply Programmable Square-Wave output signal Automatic Power-Fail detect and switch circuitry Consumes less than ...
RTC Module DS3231
RTC Module DS3231
Features: Size: 38x22x14mm. Operating voltage :3.3 - 5 .5 V Clock chip: high-precision clock chip DS3231 Memory ch
Ultrasonic Range Sensor HC-SR04
This is a non-contact distance measurement module. It’s designed for easy modular project usage with industrial performance. Featu
Adjustable DC-DC Converter 1.5-35V LM2596S
2.45€ 1.23€
This DC-DC module uses the step-down switching regulator LM2596S to provide a stable power supply. The output voltage is adjustable and can ...
Stepper Motor Driver ULN2003
1.81€ 0.91€
The ULN2003 Darlington Array is used to drive 4-phase 5-wire stepper motors (5-12v)
Bluetooth HC-06 Module
Bluetooth HC-06 Module
L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
Motor supply: 7 to 24 VDC Control Logic: Standard TTL Logic Level Output Power: Up to 2 A each Enable and Direction Control ...
37 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino
This kit includes 37 sensors for Arduino projects. 1. Joystick Module 2. Relay Module 3. Small Microphone Module 4
Arduino Robot Platform 2WD
Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 6.5 cm Motors: 3-6V DC Wheel Diameter 65mm.
Keyboard 4x4
Keyboard 4x4
1.71€ 0.86€
Digital LED Voltmeter
Digital LED Voltmeter
This Digital LED Voltmeter measures the voltage at a particular point of the system it has been hooked up to and then provides a readout ...
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
40 Pin Male-Female Dupont Splittable Jumper Wire 200mm
This is a splittable 40 pin 200mm length jumper wire for 2.54mm
RFID Reader with Cards Kit 13.56MHz
Includes: 1 x A RFID-RC522 Module 1 x The Standard S50 Blank Card 1 x S50 special-shaped card (as shown by the key ring sha
Stepper Motor 5V Small
Rated voltage: 5VDC Number of Pole: 4 Diameter: 28mm 64 steps.
Voltage Regulator AC 2000W 220V
2.75€ 1.38€
This high-power electronic voltage regulator can be used to adjust the speed in AC motors, light and other resistive loads. Not suitable ...
Mini DC Diaphragm Water Pump
Features: - Nominal Voltage: 12V - Working Voltage: 6 - 12V - Flow: 1.5-2 l / min - Working Current: 0.7A - Outlet
Sensor Shield V5.0 For Arduino
5.32€ 2.66€
For Arduino beginners, not for the cumbersome and complex circuits to connect a headache, this sensor expansion board truly simplify the ...
Boost Regulator 5V USB
1.07€ 0.54€
Features - Operating voltage: 0.9 V to 5.0 V - 5.0 V output with Type-A USB connector - Size: 34 x 16 mm - ...
Relay Module 2 Channel
Arduino Compatible. Control Voltage: 5V DC Max Control Capacity: 10A 250VAC or 10A 30VDC
LCD 16x2 Character White on Blue 5V
Standard 16x2 character LCD display. It has a basic 16 character by 2 line display with a blue background with white characters. Led ...
Led Matrix 8x8 Red MAX7219 for Arduino
Operating Voltage: DC 4.7 - 5.3V Operating Current: 320mA Max Operating Current: 2A
Infrared Remote Control
0.82€ 0.41€
Line Finder Module 2 Channels TCRT5000
TCRT5000 IR reflective sensor Power supply: 3.3V-5V Measuring range: Adjustable, range from 1mm to 8mm Output: TTL ...
Relay Module 8 Channel
Arduino Compatible. Control Voltage: 5V DC Max Control Capacity: 10A 250VAC or 10A 30VDC
RGB LED Module
RGB LED Module
This Module uses the super light 5050 RGB LED, it is common cathode, you can control the R/G/B color separately. Resistors are also serial ...
Sound Sensor
Sound Sensor
The Sound sensor module is a simple microphone. Based on the power amplifier LM386 and the electret microphone, it can be used to detect ...
Flame Sensor
Flame Sensor
1.64€ 0.82€
This Flame Sensor can be used to detect fire source or other light sources of the wave length in the range of 760nm - 1100 nm. It is based ...
Relay Module 4 Channel
Arduino Compatible. Control Voltage: 5V DC Max Control Capacity: 10A 250VAC or 10A 30VDC
Step-Down Voltage Regulator 1.25-35V with Voltage Meter LM2596
Features: - Operating voltage: 4 to 38V (At least 1.5V higher than the output) - Output: 1.25 to 35V - Size: ...
Temperature Controlled Relay Module
5.12€ 2.56€
This is a temprature controlled relay, you can set the relay on/off when the temperature is higher/lower than the temperature you set.The ...
Arduino Bread Board Shield
Reset button up top ICSP header Lots of GND and +5V rails DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more chips SOIC prototyp
40 Pin Male-Male Dupont Splittable Jumper Wire 200mm
This is a splittable 40 pin 200mm length jumper wire for 2.54mm
LCD Serial 16x2 Character White on Blue 5V
This LCD display that can display a max of 16x2 characters. with the help of the I2C bus convertor and related libraried, you can easily ...
Cooling Fan DC 5V 0.13A for Raspberry Pi
Size (L x W x H): Approx. 3 x 3 x 1 cm. Screws included
Europe Official Distributor
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