Adjustable Boost Regulator 4-25V Pololu

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Model: POL-799
Manufacturer: Pololu
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This powerful, adjustable boost regulator can generate an output voltage as high as 25 V from an input voltage as low as 1.5 V, all in a small, 0.42" x 0.88" x 0.23" package. A trimmer potentiometer lets you set the boost regulator’s output voltage to a value between 4 and 25 V.
The Pololu adjustable boost regulator is a very flexible switching regulator (also called a switched-mode power supply, SMPS, or DC-to-DC converter) that can generate voltages higher than its input voltage.
The output voltage can be set using the trimmer potentiometer in the upper-right corner of the board. The input voltage range is 1.5 V to 16 V (the input voltage should be kept below the output voltage). The integrated 2 A switch allows for output currents high enough to drive small motors, as in our 3pi robot, and allows large voltage gains, such as obtaining 24 V from two NiMH or NiCd cells.

Feature summary
- Input voltage: 1.5 V to 16 V
- Output adjustable from 4 V to 25 V
- 750 kHz switching frequency
- 2 A switch (and input) limit
- Integrated over-temperature and over-current shutoff
- Typical efficiency of 80-90% when doubling voltage and with 100-500 mA output
- Small size: 10.7 x 22.4 x 5.8 mm (0.42" x 0.88" x 0.23")
- Weight without header pins: 1.6 g (0.06 oz)

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