8-pin PIC prototyping PCB

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Model: POL-331
Manufacturer: Pololu
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This printed circuit board is designed for building your own circuits based on Microchip Technology’s line of 8-pin PIC microcontrollers. The board holds a PIC and the basic circuitry necessary to run it. The rest of the board is available for your custom circuits.

Feature summary:
* Compact, 1.25" x 1.95" board
* High-quality, double-sided PCB with solder mask on both sides
* Designed for LM2931Z voltage regulator (or equivalent)
* Holds crystal and two capacitors or 3-pin ceramic resonator with built-in capacitors
* Prototyping area
o 11 x 12-hole grid with standard 0.1" spacing
o 0.042"-diameter plated-through holes
o Two bus strips
o Most pads connected in groups of two or three
o DB9 connector footprint (can alternatively be used as two mounting holes)
o Silkscreen clearly indicates connections

* Compatible with Microchip Technology’s 8-pin PIC microcontrollers, including PIC12C508, PIC12C509, PIC12CE518, PIC12CE519, PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12CE673, PIC12CE674, PIC12F629, PIC12F675

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