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Robot Edison V2.0

Edison V2.0 Robot

The Edison Robot works with LEGO bricks. Edison have a graphical robot programming software that uses drag and drop icons. Also is programmable with Python.
Arduino Starter Kit Electan

Arduino Basic Kit 22 Components with Arduino UNO Original

It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect their computer to an Arduino and includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects.
Arduino UNO Rev. 3 Official Board Included.


Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Shields Arduino, Ethernet, XBee, GSM, GPRS, Sparkfun, Pololu
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82.60 65.08
Oficial Arduino Kit with 15 projects of different complexity. 1 Arduino Projects Book Spanish Edition (170 pages) 1 Arduino
Features: - Operating voltage: 4 to 38V (At least 1.5V higher than the output) - Output: 1.25 to 35V - Size: 60
This Pulse Width Modulation Module can be used to adjust the duty of PWM range from 10% to 100%. The max. output current can be up to 10A to
HiFiBerry DAC+ comes with a pair of RCA jacks. It can be simply plugged onto your Raspberry Pi, without any soldering. Equipped with a 192kH
This kit is designed to be used with your Arduino. It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect their computer to an Ardui
This kit includes 37 sensors for Arduino projects. 1. Joystick Module 2. Relay Module 3. Small Microphone Module 4
Arduino Compatible. Control Voltage: 5V DC Max Control Capacity: 10A 250VAC or 10A 30VDC
This high-power electronic voltage regulator can be used to adjust the speed in AC motors, light and other resistive loads. Not suitable for
22.00 19.45
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a user friendly development environment that implement
This Digital LED Voltmeter measures the voltage at a particular point of the system it has been hooked up to and then provides a readout

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